seroza dawat padhe bina mujhko chain nahi milta dawat apne andar ilm ka khazana rakhta hai is khidmat ke iwaz allaha aap ko aur mawineen ko ajre azeem ata kare
Jalal Akbar , Nizamabad , India , 01-Jan-2013

Dawat is the paper of "today" in the light of quran and sunnah. I am very small entity to appreciate it, My grandfather started reading this paper in early 80's in Nanded, followed by my mother and now I am online reading this paper on and off. I feel we can weekly give a subject in the paper and ask users to write on it in 10 / 20 lines max 200 words, and the selected article will be posted in next edition. There is lot of young readers of Dawat paper with good writing skills and Islamic ideology, can also be identified and given chance in future. Jazakallah Mustafeez
Mohammad Mustafeez , Pune , India , 26-Sep-2012

Today, I saw the onlined edition of Dawath and am glad that it is very beutiful. The seperate pages for Editorial, Khabr o Nazar, Ma'asar and Bila Unwan are exciting to read. All the eight pages were easy to read and it is a pleasure reading it online. It is more comfortable to read online. I appreciate and congratulate the Dawath Board for this and hope Dawath will attract more readership and acclaim international attention towards its message.
Akbar Zahid , Vaniyambadi , India , 11-Sep-2013

amazing news paper
huzaifa ansari , pune , India , 05-Sep-2012

Assalam alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatahoo brother, its highly appreciating that not Dawat urdu paper is on line but also "khabr o nazar" is available on line in "english language". We are thankful to these efforts. Pl try to make available "khabr o nazar" in Hindi also. Make a page in Hindi language on Facebook of "khabr o nazar" . May Almighty Allah help u in these cause. Was-salaam
Mairaj habib , New Delhi , India , 10-Aug-2012

Salam, my best wishes and thank you very much for all the team who is working heardliy to to give the people the correct news. also it is my request to all the readers of dawat online,to promote our dawat paper in their networks. and become the part of this success. Jazak Allah hu qair.
Rafeeq , Al Jubail , Saudi Arabia , 22-Mar-2012

Salaam. It gives me immense pleasure to write something about "Dawat" newspaper. I have read recently and found it mind awakening for young muslim generations. Really appreciate your work. May Allah bless us all. My best wishes to "Dawat" team. Alhamdolillah.
Dr Zia R Khan , Kota, Rajasthan , India , 18-Aug-2011

It is my honor to write something in dawat newspaper which is prime choice of every awakening mind. I pray to almighty ALLAH to take this to newest heights in every moment. As a reader of this paper from my childhood I always intensified why not this paper become a national daily newspaper with printing facilities in all states which is possible by little bit more efforts and hard work . I am praying to ALLAH to grant success in this regard.
Khaja Javid Hussain , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia , 10-Aug-2011

Excellent work
Siddique A. Khan , Dammam , Saudi Arabia , 07-May-2011

Start ''sawl-wo-jawab'' colum in sehroza dawat as early as psosible.
a list of articles containing the paper shuld be mentioned on the first page.
MUKHTAR AHMAD , ROORKEE , India , 25-Apr-2011

I visited your website, i am very very happy that Tafhimul Quran is also on web thanks.
Plz imprive this

I,m really impressed by the puplication of dawat news paper.
It is becoming very popular and use full all the muslim community,
Salman Nomani , Abu Dhabi , UAE , 21-Mar-2011

Dear sir, I am very thankful to you to see my best newspaper on the net.
Umar Ansari , Allahabad , India , 17-Mar-2011

Assalam Rahmani sahab Mubarak....
wonderful online page. May Allah reward u...bahot khoobsurat,.Allah har shar aur nazare bad se bachayee....SUPERB....
i can,t express.....pls keep it up.....
kaash jamaat ka web page bhi ......
Dawoodi Abdul Rahman , Nizamabad , India , 21-Feb-2011

salam alaik,
mr.parwaz rahmani(aditor)& the team of seh roza DAWAT,subhanallah,i really appreciate your effort as people in the western countries can now easily read sehroza DAWAT paper,this is my much wating dream to see my best news paper online, may allah accept u'r effort and make DAWAT more and more popular,syed shahbaz barvi(lecturer.personality development)
Syed Shahbaz Barvi , Pune , India , 10-Feb-2011

salam, my best wishes to all the team who is working heardliy to to give the people the correct news. this is my much wating dream to see my best news paper online. Allah will reward u all for this nobel cause.
Muhammad Safdar Ali Khan , sharjah , United Arab Emirates , 16-Dec-2010

It is excellent which was needed so before to come out ! any how it has come , pl make it more approchable and convineint since it is the only Newspaper in Urdu based on reality. May Allah bless all those who are part of this mission. Aameen.
Dr.Aftab Alam , Jeddah , Saudi Arabia , 23-Oct-2010

Assalam alikum,
Dear All I appreciate the efforts by all the crew, and the initiators, I wish with Allah SWT “accept all the efforts by team" AMEEN. It is my request to all the readers to become the donors to uplift the paper and become the promoter by placing ads. Circulate the web link by our email.
Mohammed Rafeeq , , Saudi Arabia , 13-May-2010

Congratulations for Sehroza Dawat to be online.
It is a historic and highly appreciable effort taken by the Dawat. There used to be constant complaint of very delayed delivery or even not getting it because of postal system particularly in the South of India. This has been addressed by this online edition.
Congratulations once again and looking ahead with new style and format in the near future. Dawat can and should ask its vast readership both in and outside the country to provide some simple but distinct format for doing so.
H Abdur Raqeeb , Chennai , India , 20-Aug-2009

salam ale kum
Heartily congratulation for providing dawat online for the online user. it was really amazed to know from the jamaat site that about our online presences. hope this work will be carried out in forward direction by making ur presence felt on social networking site like twitter.
Abuzar Hamza , aligarh , India , 21-Jul-2009

Allah kare zore qalam aur zeyadah. Waqai Dawat ke online hone ki khabar ne ji khsh kar diya. Aur internet pe urdu ke ungliyon pe gine jane wale Akhbaron mein ek granqadar tuhfa urdu qaare-een ke liye hai. Allah ise qabile rashk tarqqee dey aamin.
Serajuddin khan , Jeddah , KSA , 07-Jul-2009

Asslam Alaikum
Wonderful. amazing. Thanks to Allah. U all are entitled for hearty mubarakbad. May Allah bless u all.
Abdullah , Aligarh , India , 29-Jun-2009

Ap ki Dawat E-Paper Edition Ne Hamari dil Ki Khahis puri Kardi,main is Web site se kitna khush hain jise main alfazun main beyan nahi kar sakta, main scuh tha ki kash ke hamari dawat akhbar internet pe dasteyab hota to kitna behtar hota, main ap ke sabhi team ko mubarak deta hun ke ap logo ne apni kadi mehnat se is site ko banaya , aur rabbul izzat se dua hai ki ap sabhi ko den our dunya dono main kamyab banaye.
Asif Shadab , dammam , KSA , 28-Jun-2009

It is a request to start dawat in hindi and English in india it is helpful for dawat of islam in to other non-muslims
Shoukat Ali Salari , jeddah , KSA , 26-Jun-2009

jb Parwaaz Rahmani sahab & the team of Seh Roza Dawat
It is great pleasure to me that Seh Roza Dawat has been online. i am sending you mubarik bad. It is very essey to read to me thanks & wassalam
Zaheer Lalitpuri , Lalitpuri U.P , India , 18-Jun-2009

Assalam alaikum,
May Allah Accept from you the great service you have done in a much needed time, I found this website excellent and of a good standard. May Allah SWT make this website a popular & useful one for the muslim ummah.
Jazakallah khair
Syed Basith Ahmed , Jeddah , KSA , 17-Jun-2009

Online Dawat version great and really helping to read the new any time. One request we should have facility to mail the content of the new.
May Allah accept you effort and Make DAWAT more and more popular.
Abubakar Siddique , Bangalore , India , 13-Jun-2009

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
I am very happy after visiting this website. It is an excellent step taken by DAWAT. Please try to send news letter always. Thank you very much to all DAWAT TEAM…
Mohammed Asif Imam , Madinah , K.S.A , 06-Jun-2009

Alhamdulillah.very Nise Online Dawat Edition.and Very Easy To Read Slow & Fast internet Connection. I Pray To Allah My Beloved Akhbar Dawat Go To Reach Every Person & Serve For Deen.ameen
Prof. Iqbal Jawed , PARBHANI (maharashtra) , INDIA , 06-Jun-2009

Assalamu Alaikum,
Its really a good job done. So many time we miss hardcopy of Dawat. Now Dawat is online, hope we will not miss to read. My best wishes to the whole team behind this. May Allah reward all those who help to build this site. Best Regards,
Syed J Rizwanullah , , Abu Dhabi , 02-Jun-2009

A long-awaited desire , a need served. well done ! An english Edition is also needad. All e-paper user should financially support to make it more stronger in every way.
Khwaja Shahreyar , Sharjah , UAE , 13-May-2009

Alhamdulillah, it is a big pleasure to see our beloved Sehroza Dawat's online edition. This will help introduce the Bi-weekly among our urdu speaking friends, who are not yet introduced to the Sehroza Dawat. This has also made it easy for us to copy and send articles to our friends, who have not subscribed to the Bi-weekly. The website has been developed in very attractive way. I pray Allah to give the Sehroza Dawat more popularity, which is important in spreading the message of Allah.
Syed Muti-ur-Rahman Haneef Falahi , Doha , Qatar , 08-May-2009

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
Alhamdulillah the web edition of Sehroza DAWAT is wonderful. may ALLAH make it success and fruiteful to UMMAH.
Zafar Rahmani , , SINGAPORE , 30-Apr-2009

Praise to Allah and congratulations to the team members of the Dawat web designers. Nice and easily readable even on slow internet connectivity.
Md. Shabbir Alam , Gaya , India , 26-Apr-2009

it is great to see the online edition of our most trusted and beloved newspaper Dawat. I really appreciate your effort as people in the western countries can now easily read Dawat. I pray that Allah help u in ur efforts and make Dawatonline a success.
Asma Anjum Siddiqui , Bentonvillle,AR. , USA , 20-Apr-2009

Dili Mubarak bad for on line Dawat. May Allaha(swt) flourish this paper for the cause of Deen.
Gulam E Rabbani Akhtar , Hassan , India ,

Dawatonline is certainly a milestone in the constructive media after radiance views website. Keep it up. Congratulations to Dawat Trust Officials and Workers and special Thanks and best wishes to Mohammed Irfan 'The Webmaster'. Hope to have it continued as long as inshallah dawat print edition continues. Dawat mashallah has such a readers community which not only will support but also can sacrifice for it inshallah.
Ibrahim Ali , , Canada , 19-Apr-2009

I am delighted to see Online Dawat. It is really amazing to see my the favorite paper on-line.
I pray Allah for your efforts.
Mohammed Maqsood Ahmed , Hyderabad , India ,

Alhumdulillah my ideal paper is now available on net. Since long time I have been waiting. Kindly requested to spread this news in mass. I try my best to send the E-mails to my knowing persons. Allah guide and protect this news paper to further success Ameen.
Anwar Masihuddin , Al Khafji , KSA ,

Alhamdolillah a long felt need has been fulfilled. All those behind this project need to be thanked and appreciated. The English translation of your thought, comments in most widely read colum "khabr-o-Nazar" has further added beauty and value to Sahroza Dawat. It will serve a great purpose of conveying your touching thoughts and constructive analysis of current events not only to the younger generation of Muslims whose knowledge of Urdu is very poor but also to English knowing non-Muslim.
Mohammad Arif , Dammam , KSA ,

Dawatonline, inshallah,will fulfill a dire need to become a communication link between Muslims of India and the world at large. You have a crossed a major threshold. I am sure Dawatonline will make a distinct mark in the world of Indian journalism, setting out its free, frank, responsible and constructive addition to national and international debates.
Ghulam Muhammed , Mumbai , India ,

Alhumdulillah! It is pleasing,heartening and amazing to see Dawat on line. I don't know what to say. I am typing these lines with tears in my eyes. This is the long pending dream. This is the happiest day in my life. Hats off to the team behind this great venture. Happy to see my favourite khabr-o-Nazr in the net. Jazakallah. I pray for all those who are behind the task.
T Azeez Luthfullah , Chennai , India ,

Congratulations on launching this website.
Indeed Dawat is only newspaper which i feel, it gives the clear picture of ummah and the country. Its analytical views are highly regarded. khabronazar column is uncomaparable with any of the newspapers editorail. I wish all the Dawat
team for launching this website.
May Allah help us in each and every step. Ameen.
Naveed Hassn , Bhatkal , India ,

This is a nice move. Insha Allah it will flourish and go up day by day. May Allah give all of you a courage to take this mission high so that the others can be benefited by its fruits.
The Print Edition (button) is fantastic. It removes the sense from our mind that we do not have the hard copy with which we are use to.
Mohammad Samoil Falahi , Kuwait , ,

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to find Dawat on the Internet. Your bold approach and integrity in views has impressed us all for years
together. I hope this will widen your reach to international audience and provide the readers an alternative viewpoint. This is indeed a milestone in the history of journalism.
Maqbool Ahmed Siraj , bangalore , India ,

delighted to see its a dream come true.
Now with the help of e-mail we can spread its unique articles to maximum. Mashallah the site is very professional. I Pray Allah SWT to make this site popular for Ummah and request the viewers to share its articles through e-mails.
Aejaz Ahmed Khan , Dubai , UAE ,

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
I am very happy after visiting this website. It is an excellent step taken by DAWAT management. Thanks very much to all in this mission.
May Allah Accept your efforts. You have done the great service. May Allah make this website a popular & useful one for the muslim ummah. Aameen
Mahmood A. Falahi , Jeddah , KSA ,

Congratulations to all the team members for achieving a big task of bringing the newspaper on-line.
May ALLAH (SWT) reward all of you & accept all good deed.
Jazak-ALLAH-o-Kullu Khair.
S. Ansari , , KSA ,

Assalamu Alaikum
Congratulations for launching the much awaited and much needed venture of the hour - It has always been a dream for me to see my adorable Dawat on the web and finally its here. Better late then never!!
It is indeed a boon for those who are low in Urdu language but still love the biweekly - refer blogs section. I loved the "opinion poll" in the blogs’ section but unfortunately the turnout is very feeble. I wish to notify all the browsers that you have got a chance to pitch in your opinion through this.
The website looks so professional that I feel I am browsing the pages of some mainstream media websites. Each section is uniquely designed and beautifully presented. Congratulations once again!!
Jazakallahu Khairan
Ghouse Mohiuddin , , Dubai ,

To All at Dawat seh roza
Assalamu alaikum
What a great news that Dawat has now gone online! Our hearty congratulations and thanks to all who worked for it and made it possible. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala amply reward you and make this effort an important milestone on the path of our objectives. Ameen.
As it is a free service, I would like to request all its online readers to donate its subscription to Da'wat management so that it is promoted to a daily newspaper in near future, inshaAllah. There is also a need to work to get them as many ads as possible, to avoid going for google or similar agencies where we have no control over its contents.
M H Zulqarnain , Riyadh , KSA ,

Assalamu alaikum,
New lay out is good. but the title page should have archives, khabr-o-nazar, idariye etc as earlier. again the boxes indicating the page numbers on the home page should show different colours just to indicate that a particular page has been already seen. now just a dotted line comes around which is not suffecient. rest is fine.
Atharulla Shareef , Bangalore , India ,

Assalam alaikum,
May Allah Accept from you the great service you have done in a much needed time, I found this website excellent and of a good standard. May Allah SWT make this website a popular & useful one for the muslim ummah.
Jazakallah khair
Saifulla Shareef , Dammam , KSA ,